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Petitioning Governor Rick Snyder and 3 others

Michigan Department Of Corrections: Allow Nieces and Nephews to be considered "Immediate Family" members


Visits play an important role in the rehabilitation & reintegration of inmates. It is a means where the inmates' families, friends, & loved ones, are engaged to enhance family bonding & develop positive social support towards the inmates' rehabilitation & eventual re-integration into the community. An Aunt or Uncle is the closest thing to a parent in some families and minors should be able to have that bond with their Aunt or Uncle.

Letter to
Governor Rick Snyder
MDOC Michigan Department of Corrections
Michigan Department Of Corrections Director Daniel H. Heyns
and 1 other
MDOC Michigan Department Of Corrections
Nieces and Nephews are now considered as "friends" on an inmates visiting list meaning that if they are under the age of 18 they can not visit an Aunt or Uncle who is incarcerated. Please allow Nieces and Nephews to be considered "Immediate Family" members so they can have full rights to visit an Aunt or Uncle if they are minors. Aunts & Uncles may be the closest relative next to a parent in a child's life. Some are raised by Aunts or Uncles. Family life plays an important role in inmates' rehabilitation.