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Michigan Attorney General Bill Schutte: To re-investigate the case of PEOPLE vs. SAUNDERS 2007-215662-FH Prosecute those individuals who upheld justice.

       I am reminded of this biblical verse (John 3:19-21 GNT)  "This is how the judgment works: the light has come into the world, but people love the darkness rather than the light, because their deeds are evil.  Those who do evil things hate the light and will not come to the light, because they do not want their evil deeds to be shown up.  But those who do what is true come to the light in order that the light may show that what they did was in obedience to God."(What is held in the dark shall be brought forth to the light)

         With the recent news accounts of Mr. Clifford Hall in Houston, Texas , Lional Campbell (Detroit) of paying child support for his dead son over 25 years ago , and Derek Walker (Durham NC) Derek Walker Shot By Durham (NC) Police Over A Child Dispute This petitioner has been trying to get his story heard and to clear his name against the false allegations, false testimony, and the mistakes of the court by not following their own written judgments.  The petitioner is a math and science teacher, who enjoys working with a diversity of students from all backgrounds, and with this situation many employers look at his situation of being irresponsible or a "Deadbeat Father"; therefore, who would want to hire that person?  However, in order to clear his name and to regain his freedom.  The petitioner began to purchase court records and court testimony (which there is inconsistencies in the case) which the Oakland County Friend of the Court and the ex-spouse has refused to acknowledge their wrongdoings. Instead of downloading the massive amount of forms, which will take a large amount of time.  The petitioner have provided the inconsistencies via videos, which you will have a clearer understanding for this cause.  Please view the youtube videos with an open mind and heart.


1.Her Side (My Side-Silenced) and Now The Truth! This video shows what happens when the father finds out during a court modification hearing who really had him apprehended; however, it was not the state of Michigan.

2. From Fuzzy To Clear In this video the father brings the audience from the beginning of the court case.

3. Child Support In A Haystack With The Help of Fathers With Voices, The father solved his child support issue by researching his case and pin pointed the problem. The FOC gave the credit in 2006 instead of 2002, according to their own orders.

4. No Bubble Bath For Desmond In this video, the father ascertained documents where the mother stated that she was homeless, having no funds for clothing. However, the mother never mentioned to the Attorney General or law Enforcement that she published and promoted a book No Bubble Bath For Desmond and attended the Harlem Book Fair in July 2007. 

5.Not Off the Hook In this video the referee stated to the father that he was not off the hook; however, you will observe on how the Friend of the Court financial records are not aligned with the fathers paperwork. Please review this with an open heart. 


6.  She Harbored A Fugitive In this video, the mother never said anything to the father after their grand child was born a day before Mothers Day 2007 and Passed away two days later.  The father was summoned to be at his daughter’s side; however, the mother held a secret.  That secret being held from the father is that the mother was filing a warrant for his arrest.  Here is the problem, if the father was so much of a deadbeat father, why not have him arrested in town?  Why hide the secret, because she would have been exposed; however, she kept it hid.  Which caught him off guard a few weeks later. 


7. The Mother of Lies This is a new video presentation about my child support issue and how the Wayne State University portrayed the mother as a model student.  However, there are inconsistencies with the licensure and nher statement of nursing.  In addition, it is founded the mother serves on a corporation and have a business license for a ministry. Please take the time and view the presentation. 

 8. Bully Pulpit of the Michigan Attorney General After watching my video go viral on The Advise Show TV  on Many of the respondents wanted to see more of the video and requested to have some of the captions removed. Therefore, I made it more clear and added more information to make my request valid. Again, I want to thank you for stopping by and view my petition. 

If I Was Gunned Down By Law Enforcement : What picture would they use if I was arrested, injured, convicted, or killed? Take a look at the remarks off to the side to understand each picture. 

*** Feel Free To Stop Or Slow Down The Videos To Read The Facts***

After viewing the videos, many people have expressed concerns about the misuse of the judicial system against this father; therefore, instead of liking the post  or feeling sorry for the father.  Just use your heart and judgment to sign this petition.  Afterwards, please forward it to someone who will do the same.  Remember, not every non-custodial parent is a dead beat parent; however, news organizations are now reporting the other side of non-custodial parents and child support mishaps.  Let us do what is ethical and right.  Finally, You can sign this petition without leaving a response and you can omit your name by checking the square, if you wish to remain anonymous. 

Thank You and I do appreciate it!


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