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Michelles Law.

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Michelle Knight went missing on August 23, 2002. She was just 22 years of age when she went missing. Just 15 months after she was reported missing, the Cleveland police removed Michelle Knights missing persons entry from the FBI database allowing her case to slip through the cracks. May 6th, 2013 Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina Dejesus where rescued by neighbor Charles Ramsey when the screams for help by Amanda Berry caught his attention. He proceeded to kick in the bottom half of the door so the girls could escape and called 911. Ariel Castro, 52 was arrested and jailed on charges of kidnapping and rape. Berry and Dejesus took the spotlight as Knight faded once more in the background.

Knight, Berry and Dejesus endured years of abused at the hands of Ariel Castro, but used captive Michelle Knight as his main punching bag whom endured the most abuse. Castro impregnated Knight multiple times, each time starving her following with kicks to the stomach until she miscarried. Castro forced Knight to deliver Berrys child telling her that if it died, so would she. Upon delivery the baby stopped breathing. Knight said she gave the child mouth to mouth CPR where she revived it.

Michelle Knight will undergo facial reconstructive surgery from the beatings she endured. She suffers from hearing lost, vision lost, and joint and muscle damage. She was hit with various objects such as hand weights.

Michelle Knights family reported that she may have ran away. Not all adults run away. Lets prevent this from happening to another young adult. Her case should have never bin removed from the FBI missing persons data base, especially after 15 months of being reported missing.

Michelles Law: A law where they have to keep the missing adult cases open so they don't slip through the cracks. A law that prevents the removal of a missing persons case from the FBI missing persons data base. A law where missing adult cases will have the time and energy put into it and not be just "pushed aside" to be forgotten.

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