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Tell Medicare and the Federal Government to stop using Social Security Numbers as Medicare Account Numbers.

The other day, my car was broken into and all of my identification stolen.  While I scrambled to report and cancel all of my cards, I thought I was safe enough that the criminal at least did not have my social security number.  Well, guess again.  My Medicare number is my social security number.  And that was one of the ID's that was stolen.  With Identity theft rampant, it makes no sense that Medicare would use social security numbers as an account number.  Yes, instead of issuing a separate distinct Medicare number, ther are using our social security number to Identify us.  In effect, our federal government if perpetuating identity theft especially for the retired and those who are disabled.  Why is this a problem?  A medicare card is your medical insurance card and like any medical insurance card, you carry it at all times.  This is a serious issue because if a Medicare recipient's wallet or pocketbook is stolen, not ony has the thief gotten their ID, their credit cards, their addressa and gosh knows what else but they now have their social security number.  These are  all the necessary ingredients to sell your identity.  It is no wonder that our elderly and the disabled are the largest targeted victims in this country.  The Federal Government through Medicare is giving our private identities away.

Letter to
First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama
US Government and Medicare President Obama
Stop using our social security numbers as our Medicare Numbers. This is a serious identity theft problem. With Identity theft running rampant, using a social security number for Medicare Medical Insurance cards, is aiding and abetting criminals who steal. It is providing too easy access to a person's identity. Identity theft experts strongly advise not keeping your social security number together with any of your other IDs. But if you are on Medicare this is impossible as you must carry this card with you at all. Stop using our social security numbers as medicare account numbers and start creating a proper state or federal ID.