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When did the law allow for police officers or deputys to gain access to our property and fatally shoot and kill our family pets? They are killing our pets right in front of us and our children. There are far too many instances where this is being allowed and it is nothing less than animal cruelty at its worse! This is not ok!  All the shooting officer has to do is claim they were defending themselves. Well….is that so? Does this officer show evidence of a bite…scratch…attack? most cases not! If a story likes this makes the press….the Departments in most cases slap the officers on the wrist and then turn around and laugh about it in their locker rooms. These are the people who have been sworn to protect and serve its citizens. The people our hard earned tax money supports. There have been so many police shooting dogs lately and this is totally unacceptable. I have seen children destroyed by this…I have seen grown men fall to their knees crying because their beloved pet was shot.  A few months ago it was Candy in Tx, yesterday it was Wolfie in MN, now it is Odin in CA, Cream in NC, Arzy in LA, Gabanna in PA, Booder in GA and many, many more. Are we going to set back and allow this injustice to continue? Do we wait until it is my dog…or...your dog before we take a stand and say enough is enough? Are you willing to risk this happening to your family? Your dog?  


Google “Police Shootings of Family Pets”….I did….and you know…there are over 64,500,000 results. Can you believe that? All stories of trigger happy officers who fear everything from a pup to an elderly dog who cannot walk. The stereotyping of certain breeds have created a fear in these officers that is totally unfounded. Based on fear, the easiest thing for them to do is to use deadly force. What if they used this deadly protocol with humans?

Many of these stories go unnoticed…why? Because it is an animal…that’s why!  Well…It is time to demand that police officers receive the proper training in how to handle a situation involving animals. There is no need to use deadly force. There are other alternatives. It is time to remind them that a bullet to the back of the head does not vindicate their claims of a dog attack. Shooting our dogs, our beloved family members is like killing our children…our family.  What gives them the right?

Folks…we have rights…our animals have rights…and what we are allowing is what will continue.  We must put a stop to this….we need to stop it now. Training needs to be implemented for law enforcement officers,...other methods of intervention need to be used (eg. stun gun, pepper spray, or darts). Bullets need to be the last resort. Anytime an animal is shot by an officer, there needs to be a full investigation of the officer involved and the law should be applied with the appropriate charges given no leniency because they wear a badge. Of all people these officers should know the law…and should be held fully responsible to the laws they break. Killing our family pets is not ok and we will not stand for such action to continue. As taxpayers and citizens of our counties, our cities, our states and our country, we…as the people who vote leaders into office we are demanding for these shootings to stop NOW! We are demanding training for all officers of the law in animal control and to have the use of excessive force banished.

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