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Whenever we allow any person to carry a position within Law Enforcement on any level that has a foundational belief that hates another race of people or believes their race is superior to all other races, there is absolutely NO WAY for that person to, TRUTHFULLY, uphold the constitution as well as truthfully uphold the Law Enforcement Oath & Honor which makes them ineligible for a position in law enforcement. So if there was a background check & annual review that included this research we would see less families suffer at the hands of these people with those type beliefs and hiding behind their uniforms, badges and titles!

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Pens & Petitions March “We Are ProActive & No Longer ReActive” 
WHEREAS all law enforcement officials, judges and officers of the court, with those who are responsible for the selection/election of said entities, are entrusted with maintaining public safety without regard to race, religion, gender or national origin;
WHEREAS membership in any racist organization, directly or indirectly, is in conflict with the core responsibilities of all law enforcement officials, judges and officers of the court; as well as direct conflict with the Law Enforcement Oath Of Honor as well as the constitution
WHEREAS law enforcement agencies expend public funds defending suits of racial discrimination initiated by the same people they are sworn to serve and protect;
Therefore, BE IT RESOLVED, that all law enforcement officials (Governors, Mayors, Sheriffs etc), judges and officers of the court, with those who are responsible for the selection/election of said entities, be subjected to background checks and yearly reviews that will include but not be limited to: criminal history background check, drug tests, determination if he/she has ever been mentally committed whether voluntarily or involuntarily; if he/she has ever been denied employment in any public safety capacity; if he/she has ever been a member of any racist organization whether currently or in the past as well as discovery of racist or hate filled conversations. If the background check reveals any of the above to be true then that person/s will be denied based solely on the knowledge of that person/s will not be able to uphold the Law Enforcement Oath Of Honor or the Constitution. Also This Law Enforcement Oath of Honor Cleansing Act will review current officials, judges and officers of the courts to see whether or not the people/person is currently upholding The Law Enforcement Oath Of Honor and/or the Constitution

A PERSON (OF ANY RACE) that intentionally SOWS HATRED, GRUDGES, BITTERNESS, UNFORGIVENESS & ANGER Towards People of a Different Race into the MINDS & HEARTS of their innocent Children, Justifying What They Are SOWING, with Ancestral Pain & Suffering History/Facts…
with NO REGARD to The What Those BAD SEEDS will REAP In The Adult Lives Of Those Same Children….. Leaving Both Generations CLUELESS To WHY HATRED, GRUDGES, BITTERNESS, UNFORGIVENESS & ANGER Is SOO EXTREME within Their Lives & Towards Each Other.
TLC Note: Sowing & Reaping Never seems Real Until The Personal HARVEST HITS Their Life Then They tend to look for someone to BLAME!
Racism; Is Hatred towards a Race that's out of Control That Blinds The Racist of His/Her Own Destruction!!

Dear Racist,
You probably are unaware of your hatred towards another race....Is out of control and you are probably clueless that this is another season for exposing your racism to the public!!!! Exposing it in order for your harvest to reap within your life as well as the lives of your love ones, please reflect back on all the arguments and fights with your mate urging you to stop your hatred before it destroys us. I'm sure when you were performing your acts of racism you never took any consideration that one day you would get caught!! Nor did you think you would reap any repercussions and most likely your love ones had no idea that they would have to suffer along with you during your harvest of repercussions.
Repercussions that include jail, loss of jobs, financial hardship that don’t just affect you but your families as well, ALL IN THE NAME OF HATE and SUPREMACY. Then the snowball affect hits the City and government for millions in lawsuits due to your racist actions so on). The sad part about your racism is that it's not YOUR OWN!! It was transferred to you and you simply accepted it because your parents taught it to you! But they, ignorantly, left off the knowledge of sowing and reaping and how it would one day destroy your future as well as affecting your children's future! You see, the law of sowing and reaping is very real and the important facts about this unstoppable law is that although the size of a seed is small its harvest is always hundreds of times larger in size as well as direction. So when a seed of hatred is sown and intended to be directed to hate a certain race of people, like black people are the trash of the earth and less than a human and must be destroyed to preserve our race or the white man is the blue eyed devil and full of evil and must be destroyed for what the people that were here before us suffered at their hands, both the white racist words and the black racist words are seeds of hate. So when the harvest hits the size of the hatred and its direction can not be controlled or directed, which is the birth place of white on white, black on black, Asian on Asian hatred/crime. This is why we all must focus on changing the seeds sown and standing up to both the white and black racist to destroy their seeds of hatred disguised as history lessons. So stop wondering why there is so much hate, hate filled actions (fights/murders) and hateful emotions between whites and whites, blacks and blacks, Asians and Asians, etc.
Today many of you racist, white and black, are getting caught by cameras, hacked emails, people that you thought were racist also, recorded phone conversations, outright statements from your own tongue and the list continues!
My question remains; "Is It or Was it worth it?" Was the acceptance of hating someone because of their race.....worth what you are facing now??! Do you now see what your own love ones are facing because your "Out of Control hatred towards another race" placed them in a position in life they never expected or wanted?? I am sure that many of you Racist, are thinking that you will not ever get exposed or reap a harvest of the same or more damage/destruction you've caused other people of a different race!! BUT YOU WILL and sometimes it doesn't come directly to you...sometimes it comes directly to that person you love sooo dearly!!! And after today you will know why!!!
Dear Racist,
Thinking You Are Getting Away with Your Racist Actions is a very childish way of thinking and history as well as this season of exposure is proving this extremely WELL!!
The Creator gives us all Grace or Space to repent, but YOU (The Racist) just went pass this Grace or Space to Repent and some of YOU ignorantly continued because you had NO IDEA that what (the Racism) you accepted in your upbringing would become "Hatred OUT OF CONTROL towards another RACE that would BLIND You to How it will Reap a Harvest of Destruction in Your Own Life as well as Your Love Ones"
Dear Racist, You Need To Stop and Start Thinking Like The Creator!!
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