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Summary: The greatest president in American history served his 2 terms which unfortunately ended in 2016. The US has gone to Hell under the presidency of Trump. We need the Obama's back in the White House!!!

Personal story: I'm a 36 year old transgender woman, who is losing her rights due to trumps egocentric prejudice. He is going out of his way to destroy everything that has been accomplished, not just for the transgender community, but the entire LGBTQ+ world. He is starting his own Holocaust, and it affects everyone he personally doesn't like. Be they immigrants, transgender, nonchristian, or anything else that doesn't fall into his tiny bubble of acceptability.

The issue: We need the Obama family to take back the United States. We need them to bring this country out of the shithole that trump has dragged us down into. President Obama did more for this country in 8 years than the previous 8 presidents did combined. This country saw absolutely nothing but progress and economic growth. We need that kind of leadership back. It would be a good thing once the Obama family is back in the white house to repeal the 22nd amendment so that we can keep them in the white house as long as they personally want. Forget presidency. I say we have his and her royal majesty King and Queen Obama.

Take action! People need to sign this petition because this country is in dire straits. We're in danger of a nuclear war that is going to turn our world into a wasteland. The destruction of nuclear weapons are still being felt 70 years later in Japan. Do we really want that on a worldwide scale?

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