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-Over 300 million people in these regions live on less than $2 dollars per day. The typical family here is made up of 6 to 10 children in many cases living together in a single family set up.
-This makes it hard enough to survive, leave alone consider something like education which in the sense costs on an average of $700 to 1000per Child. As we can imagine, for the average family, it is virtually impossible to afford education for even one Child, leave alone two to ten.
-The most affected segment being the girl Child, though every child has the right to safe, formal, equality education and access to lifelong learning. However, due to a combination of factors, many girls are forced to leave school while others never have the opportunity to go in, in the first place. FACTS ABOUT THE STATE OF OUR GIRLS EDUCATION
-One hundred and thirty million girls are not in education system, fifteen million are expected to never ever enroll at all bearing in mind those locked up in refugee camps across Africa.
-Girls are 1.5 times likely than boys to be completely excluded from primary education, and at the end of 2017 less than half of all countries would have achieved gender parity in education at secondary level. CHALLENGES OUR GIRLS FACE TO KEEP THEM OUT OF SCHOOLS
-Menstruation for girls from less fortunate families is encumbered by shame, discomfort, embarrassment and inconvenience. In addition, the hormonal changes girls experience during adolescence lead them to feel deeply self-conscious and have low self-esteem.
-All these factors add up and cause girls miss several lessons of school each month. Absenteeism from schools impact very negatively on our girls especially those coming from most vulnerable marginalized and disaster stricken areas face immense risks. Most from these areas have exhausted their own resources after a period of such disasters and the situation causes our girls to turn to begging, hence child abuse, child labor, child marriage, and early sex practices to cope with the situation. These causes’ risks of sex related challenges and early pregnancies. PLEASE HELP ME TO BUILD A SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY, SO THESE GIRLS CAN JUST BE A GIRL! THANK YOU

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