Beyond the Justice of George Floyd

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My blood boils for him and his family. How many days have passed? His family has not slept one bit and they want to take their sweet time to establish the verdict?! Having a badge doesn't make you God. Having a badge doesn't make you above all. You were trained to serve, how dare you hurt someone so innocent? He cried for help, how could they be deaf to that? He lied there breathless and till his last heartbeat, he didn't resist. Shame on them for not seeing. Shame! #justicenow. We need justice for him, otherwise, there will the mass destruction from people not only from the dark-skinned people but from other races. We have joined forces and clearly a lot has happened. Any kind of mistreatment should not be tolerated because it leads to something great like loss of life. Help his family and those who were close to him. This has impacted me emotionally and I can only imagine what Floyd's family is going through.


Even after the sentences have been placed, what can we do? How can we stop further mistreatment of the dark-skinned community? We need extra laws that can guard not only people from George Floyd's community but others from any kind of mistreatment. Clearly, the old ways of conduct are not safe and sufficient enough for all of us. A new system must be placed, in which not only one or two investigations are monitored, but all. Regardless of it being a simple investigation or an undercover mission. They must be monitored by a group of people who are trained to be unbiased and know exactly how a normal investigation should flow. They can be the ones to help us stop their actions if things escalate as it did for George Floyd's case. The bystanders helplessly cried for his release but they only ignored it, if it came from a higher personal, they would have listened, and maybe George would have been alive today. Additionally, there must be a system of adding red flags to their portfolio for those who can't follow protocol and take part in the mistreatment, especially racism. A certain number of red flags should lead to their demotion or termination. This will not only make them feel the urge to have a clean record but also groom them to be better people. Thank you!!