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On March 17, 2017 my son reported child abuse within the home regarding the mother of his infant son (then 22 days old) and her then 4 and 5 year old sons. While he was at the police department making the report, DCF and police went to the apartment and arrested her and took all three children. My son has been in court all this time fighting DCF Florida and the court to try to get his son back. The mother has lost her rights to all the children. Mother's two young sons parental grandmother (father is deceased) has ALL of the children including my son's son! How did this happen? Why wasn't he given back to my son. My son reported an on going crime and now HE and HIS BABY are victims. DCF has stolen his child. Every time he goes to court the judge and DCF worker belittles him and questions him and nothing gets solved. Wants him to take Domestic classes, Drug classes. He has NEVER had a domestic charge NOR a drug charge so why do they want this? He is not the criminal here!!

He has Lupus and was admitted to ER on Aug 9th with high levels and in extreme pain. Stress is getting to him. His 81 year old grandmother is there with him fighting this battle. I am not able to be there due to epilepsy. We live outside of the US and we raised enough money to get a lawyer and she is not doing a very good job either and my son is very unhappy with her and she was highly recommended. We have come to the point that we don't know what to do. So I am reaching  out to Florida State Representatives as it is the only thing left that we have not done. We haven't written the president and I don't think that would go anywhere. This is a precious little life I am talking about! My son's first born son, he named after himself. He is 32, an aspiring photographer, kind, poetic, loving, and adventurous. And he wants to take his son on all his journeys and teach him about the beauty and goodness that is left in this world while there is still some here to explore. This is what he told me. Now how can anyone say that this man will not be a great father?  Please help us get my grandson back to his father and come home. It's not right that he is with a woman that is NOT his biological grandmother, and my son has found out there is a pedophile living IN the house. That should have been the first thing that the lawyer looked into. We are very distraught and worried about this. My son is going crazy thinking about this. Please, please I am begging for help. No one is helping. Call my son. 813 500 8619. I AM BEGGING PLEASE HELP. 

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