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 Hello, My name is Deloris Ann Miller.

About a year ago my youngest daughter enjoyed visiting with her father on the weekends. Till one month she started making excuses, she wanted to stay with weekend... another friend...and so on. Finding this odd, because she loved to visit her dad. You see her daddy started dating a new woman... with 5 kids. Unfortunately, the oldest boy took a liking to Amber. The kind she didn't understand. He would hug her differently, talk to her differently. She was so ashamed till this day she won't tell her own mother what truly happened.  Luckily because I am a nosy mom. I found Facebook messages from this older son. First they seem like a normal conversation, then as i read on they went on to extremely disturbing. This 19 year old boy was testing the waters with my 12 year old daughter... SEXUALLY!!!! What do i do??? I call her dad, i call the police, the cac, the cps, the doctor. When I tried to put him where he belongs I was told there is not enough evidence against him.WHAT!?!? Well this mom waits a year and puts on her own sting. Yes I created a fake facebook of A fourteen year old girl. Got me plenty of friends, then started to talk to the now 20 year old. May I add i made it clear i was "only 14". It didn't take long before pictures of his privates started rolling in. I didn't even have to ask. In less then 24 hours I had enough evidence to show my local State police. The kind Officer graciously spoke to me. Heard my whole story, my confession on my fake profile. He read all the messages. Two days later the 20 year old is in jail!!! God is good!! My only thing is, is a small sentence is too good for someone who ruined my child. She will always be scared and scarred for life.Why wont he get life?   

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