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Ask Michelle Obama to lead the Resistance

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The Michelle Movement
Mobilize. March. Make It Happen.

The women of America are speaking out, calling for our nation to maintain its leadership in the world. We are speaking out for human dignity. We are speaking out for an end to racism and sexism. We are speaking out for access to health care. We are speaking out for education, for workers' rights, for a clean environment, for the future of our planet.

Women are running for office in unprecedented numbers, from the grass roots to Congress, in furtherance of these goals. But this movement needs a leader, someone around whom these separate conversations and campaigns can coalesce, someone who can weave together these many strands.

Many fine women, and men, are in the trenches, doing the hard work of organizing and speaking and writing and petitioning, but what we lack is a central figure to counterbalance Trump's bizarre magnetism.

We need someone famous and instantly credible, not to run for office but draw crowds, draw media attention, draw the public's eyes and ears away from the madness that seems to suck all the air out of Washington.

We need you, Michelle Obama.

Michelle, you served our nation brilliantly in your years in the White House as an advocate for sanity and progress. You deserved a break after all that time in the spotlight, but now we need you back. We need your voice, your power, your visibility. We need you to show up and speak up. We need you to mobilize us as we mobilized ourselves for the Women's March on January 21, 2017. We need to march with you in the lead. We need to seize this moment and make our dreams for our nation and our world a reality.

On the anniversary of the Women's March, we need to mobilize again. We need to march. And we need Michelle to step up. Make it happen! Michelle, make it happen.

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