Animal Cruelty: It needs to be stopped.

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I’m 12 years old, and I love animals very much. And I know that pretty much ever since humans emerged on Earth, many of us have hunted animals, mostly for food, fashion, and sport. I’ve done some research, and this is only a small piece of what people need to know about animal cruelty.

Animal cruelty is a huge issue around the world. Mother dogs in puppy mills are over exhausted and usually uncared for almost all the time, some unlucky pets at home are chained and beat or given no food, animals are subjected to possibly dangerous chemicals for testing, unwanted animals at pet shelters are mostly shot or sometimes gassed to death, innocent wild animals are hunted illegally and legally, sometimes merely for enjoyment… How are these treatments of animals humane?

Some animals are given warm, luxurious homes to live in with their loving owners. Some, not so much. Take puppy mills for example. Many dogs are kept specifically for breeding in dirty, ragged conditions, and they usually live in their own filth. (And by filth I mean their urine and faeces.) Then the dogs mate and give birth. The process is already tiring, and the dogs need rest, don’t they? So they rest, giving their babies sufficient nutrition until the puppies are eating solid food. Then the babies get shipped off to who knows where. And then the people, healthy compared to the animals, and swimming in undeserved money, who manage the puppy mills force the poor mother dogs to repeat the whole thing. Dogs aren’t meant to be puppy machines, but the puppy mill managers seem to think so…

 The dogs that stay in the puppy mills live in too tight cages with other dogs. Basically, imagine your home was the size of a stinky public bathroom. Then imagine your family there. Then your friends. Then your classmates. And so on until there’s no more room. That’s how the puppies live. More than 90% of pet store puppies come from puppy mills. The same thing also happens with countless kittens, hamsters, birds, and such. Some humans are so cruel that they use mice to breed baby mice and then freeze them alive in plastic bags for snake food. After knowing all this, would you want to adopt a pet from a breeding mill?

 Many pets around the globe are mistreated, and that is a big understatement there. Some unlucky pets are chained outside and have no shelter. Others can be beaten and bleeding. And even then, those unlucky animals are also usually malnourished and dehydrated, so weak that they can have their ribs show through their skin and fur. Or feathers. According to the RSPCA, there was a small terrier, “possibly a Jack Russell or a West Highland Terrier crossbreed”, that was found with a nail embedded into his head between its eyes. An X-ray showed that the nail went all the way through the poor terrier’s skull. The vets had no choice but to euthanize him. “In all my ten years working for the RSPCA, I have never known anything so horrifying and inexplicably cruel,” said RSPCA inspector Nick Jones. “This is clearly a very deliberate act of cruelty and it’s inconceivable to think why somebody has done it to this poor little dog.”

In another case, there was an Akita, dubbed Frank, who was stabbed with a knife multiple times and then shot three times the next day and later on left in the woods to die. Hopefully, animal-lovers and officials can hunt down the killer.

One thing about animals is that many of them are used as fur products as well as other goods. Some animals are euthanized then skinned. At least the animals die painlessly…  Others live difficult, cramped lives and they are ended with horrific methods that, according to Delaware Action For Animals, include literally clobbering the animal, poisoning by injection, gassed (most frequently used gases are carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen cyanide.), being shot by gun, neck being broken or even worse, anal electrocution (the act of inserting a metal rod into an animal’s rear as it is forcibly held down and then electrifying the rod, killing the animal.) Delaware Action For Animals also mentioned that more than 100 million animals are killed each year by hunters, both for sport and fashion. Plus, because of us hunting so frequently, there are only three white rhinos left on this planet, who will probably go extinct at any moment now.

According to the website Last Chance For Animals, approximately 1 billion rabbits are killed each year for their fur, as well as more than 50 million other animals trapped on fur farms. Much of this fur is mislabeled “faux”. How would you feel if you were killed for the skin off your back?

Innocent animals, both wild and domestic, are suffering greatly because of us humans. Animals need to be valued as humans are because they deserve it. Sign my petition to make a difference and help the animals of the planet today.