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Address GMOs as part of your campaign for healthy eating.

Michelle Obama has put a lot of time and energy into encouraging healthy eating, exercise, and gardening through her wonderful organization "Let's Move" (, however there is one glaring omission. Genetically Modified Foods have been incorporated into the American diet, though they have been banned in much of Europe, Asia, and Canada, and many scientists believe they may have long ranging health effects, and may cause cancer. There is compelling evidence related to GMO consumption that helps explain the deteriorating health of Americans, especially among children. We ask Michelle Obama to watch the seminal documentary "Genetic Roulette" and begin addressing this facet of the American food and health crisis. To do otherwise is to neglect one of the most urgent health issues that the world currently faces.

A movie website about the potential health risks of GMOs can be viewed here:

More information about GMOs can be found on the Responsible Technology website:


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