City rules which give 3 year Monopoly of North Shore Surfing Events need to be REWRITTEN!

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We the undersigned ask the City and County Department of Parks and Recreation (C&C DPR) to discard the June 2nd 2018 proposed rule changes and entirely rewrite NEW proposed rules that do not favor a large corporate monopoly This monopoly does not benefit the north shore community and exploits this monopoly on access to surfing site resources. The current Proposed rules will exclude the diverse substantial population of waveriders who participate in smaller community based events that include bodysurfing and bodyboarding.

We furthermore ask that the C&C DPR allow enough time in the issuance of the NEXT attempt in Proposed rules to allow the North Shore Neighborhood Board and the Sunset Beach Community Association to have these issues placed on the agendas for each organization so that findings can be given and discussed as well as submitting possible community resolutions and testimony to the C&C DPR.

Additionally, we ask for C&C DPR to:

1) Before the C&C DPR considers issuing triennial permits, it is necessary for all of the other community issues to be resolved including revised conflict resolution process for at least 1 year.

2) Remove language in NEXT proposed rules allowing the issuance of variances to extend competition time for any event.

3) Remove language allowing sales of products at beach parks when competition is NOT occurring.

4) The existing Conflict Resolution Process does NOT work. Create a functional conflict resolution method that fairly and equitably allots permits to applicants who prove that they will efficiently use the sites as they describe in their applications and are actually contributing to the diversity of the entire event calendar. The process needs to screen for diversity and efficiency and it needs to determine which events are in conflict. Conflicts on Calendar schedule & Conflicts for competition days]. Surf and access is a resource and this should be a resource management model which provides the most diversity and efficiency to calendar. see items 5 & 6 below.

5) Issue permits to events applicants who use the least amount of time and process the most competitors in their events [Per competition day]

6) Issue permits to events applicants who actually are running events that make the entire calendar diverse [this requires to determine who is in conflict in schedule and competition days]. 

7) No event shall be allowed more than 3 competition days. (This allows calendar to be diverse)

8) Maintain the ability of applicants to mediate to eliminate schedule and competition date conflicts.

9) Maintain a simple method of appealing decisions based on schedule and competition day issues only. 

10) Allow bodyboarding and bodysurfing sports a proportionate presence on calendar so that short-board surfing is not monopolizing virtually the entire calendar, 

11) The abuse of parking access during surf events – where security and HPD special duty allow more than 8 stalls to be given to individuals who are affiliated with event.  

12) Regarding Waimea Bay specifically, allow surf-sports in addition to long surfboard competition to equitably utilize Waimea Bay as a big wave venue by implementing size criteria for different categories for bodyboarding and bodysurfing which can co-exist on schedule without being in conflict since they need different sizes and conditions to run event.

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