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Stop logging Laird creek watershed

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Cedar Creek Logging company plans to log the areas surrounding Laird Creek.  In a previous logging event, there was a massive landslide into the watershed. The May 2011 slide deposited about 2,000 cubic meters of mud, gravel, rock, and trees into Laird Creek, making the water undrinkable. Over 100 people who draw water from the creek relied on bottled water for a few months following the slide and again last spring after erosion from the slide deposited sediment into the creek.

This is also a habit for many woodland creatures including but not limited to Elk, deer, moose osprey and many others. Once logged this will have an adverse effect on all of these animals and the habitat they live in.

In a town hall meeting, Cedar Creek Logging has stated that it not an if we log this it is a when.  Giving the public no say what so ever in this decision, please sign this petition to help our local MLA Michelle Mungal see that this type of action is not welcome in our community. It has no benefit to any of the Balfour residents and does not create jobs because of the equipment used in logging operations currently.   

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