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The Automobile industry in NM was deemed non-essential and forced to close for 2 weeks starting November 16th. We are hoping for your support of safe opening of Used Car Dealerships by appointment only as soon as possible. 

Our small used car dealership, Senor Coche has about 13 cars on the lot on average. We have 4 employees. We opened in October 2019 and have averaged about 10 car sales a month before COVID. Now we average about 6, serving people with a dire need for a vehicle. We are essential workers, because we support essential workers.  We were open during the first shut down and able to be safe by limited appointments per day. We had an average of 1 appointment a day Monday-Saturday. We kept COVID Safe practices. We have survived the decrease in sales due to COVID because we were able to stay open on a limited basis.  We have served people that had wrecks and needed a new affordable used vehicle. We sold a car to a pregnant mother that couldn’t get to her doctors appointments because her minivan broke down in the mist of the COVID shut down. 

We closed Monday, Nov 16th and the same day we had 3 people call needed cars this week due to vehicles being wrecked or in the repair shop.

Nationally, the Automotive Industry has been deemed essential. We ask you to support the Car Industry in New Mexico and help us reopen safely by appointment as we did before.  Many of the small dealerships may not survive if we are not able to be by appointment only.  The two week closure for us will be detrimental to our business. We depend on at least 1 sale a week to support our operating costs. 

Please support our small business. We have worked very hard to supply Las Cruces area with reliable and affordable used cars.  Thank you!  Jeff & Elissa Barfoot, Senor Coche Auto Sales, Las Cruces NM 575-993-1205

NM Automotive Industry is Essential: 

1. The private automobile is The Transportation Industry in New Mexico.  Without safe and reliable private autos, New Mexico’s essential workers cannot serve community, and there is no economy whatsoever.
2. Average age of vehicle on the road in NM is almost 14 years old.  Many essential workers live on paycheck-to-paycheck basis, and hence drive older vehicles that are nearing immediate replacement need. Hundreds of vehicles a week are either stolen, totaled in wrecks, crippled by mechanical failures or go over mileage and need to be replaced on an immediate basis.
3. New Mexicans will be pushed to neighboring states to replace needed vehicles, creating much higher health risk to citizens than staying in their own communities.  It also risks bringing the virus into New Mexico – for example, El Paso is hottest spot in the nation – and fully open for business.  Do we really want to create incentives for New Mexico citizens from Southern part of the state to traipse over to Texas during this pandemic?
4. On-line purveyors of automobiles from out of state create the same level of risk during a pandemic, despite claims that they can be delivered “touchless.”  The fact is, these vehicles are transported from out of state with unknown levels of disinfection on trucks driven by out-of-state individuals who are having many human interactions in multiple states.  Who will an infected driver get sick in New Mexico?
5. Automobile sales have been designated “essential services” at the Federal level.
6. Auto dealers are committed to making vehicles available to consumers in a COVID safe manner, without an atmosphere that invites casual “tire-kicking” when citizens are under a “Stay at Home” order from the Governor.
7.  Rural areas have long commutes, and the lowest level of access to internet.  
8. Sales by appointment worked effectively during earlier shut down, with no transmission issues during that time.