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Improve physical health of all students

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Establish smoking-free zones around the border of schools.

The education of all students is the aspect which will shape our future community, thus making it an important factor to consider the wellbeing of. To improve the quality of their education, it is obvious that the surrounding environment must be improved as well.

Complaints have already been received about the impact of smokers around school areas. Students with asthmatic problems are especially affected in this way. Second-hand smoking is particularly harmful, as the smoke breathed in by the non-smoker contains as many unhealthy chemicals as the toxins inhaled by the smoker him/herself. Second-hand smoking is also able to cause health issues such as heart disease and lung cancer. Studies have already shown that second-hand smoking increases a non-smoker's risk of lung cancer by 24%.

It is understood that there are people in the community who have made the choice to smoke, and that is respected, only, we ask those people to not smoke in a close proximity to any school, where young students may be negatively affected by this. This is the case as the dangerous chemicals from cigarettes are able to settle in dust particles and remain active for up to a month, during which students may breathe in the toxins, causing a small amount of it to enter their respiratory system. After a while, the buildup of these toxins may cause an irreversible detriment to their physical health. 

To further enforce this, it is required that a penalty will be given to anyone caught smoking in a close vicinity (10 metres) of any school. This will be in the form of a verbal warning, and then a fine if the smoker ignores the warning.

If this method is taken, the physical health of our students will be significantly improved, as they will be inhaling much less harmful smoke during school. Please sign to protect our students, to protect our future. 

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