More legal protection for Security Officers in Western Australia

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Below is the letter that we, the Security Officers of Western Australia, intend to send to the Police Minister Michelle Hopkins Roberts, and the WA Premier Mark McGowan.

"Dear Sir, 

It is with great sadness and some amount of anger that I am writing to you today representing (unofficially) the Security Officers of Western Australia. Recently one of our fellow colleagues was brutally stabbed with a large knife at Mandurah Shopping Centre. As you can imagine, such acts motivate people to action and subsequently the Security Officers in Western Australia are now quite motivated to see a legislative change occur which would bring Security Officers into equivalent legal status as Public Officers. When a person chooses to go armed in public and commit an Assault against a Security Officer they do so knowing that such an act is of less legal significance than if they were to choose a Paramedic, a Police Officer or a Transit Guard and this must change. 

We seek the equivalent status as Public Officers so that we are not legally easier targets. We would also like to see mandatory sentencing as is the case with Public Officers. We believe that this would adequately deter people from targeting us. We say that Security in the Australian landscape is a dynamic and changing industry where Security Officers are targeted as they are responsible for the safety and protection of people, places and things of sometimes immense value. Security Officers are placed in at-risk situations when no other safety measure or Security solution can be found, but that does not make us expendable.

Last year we saw in the Eastern States the first act of Terrorism against a Security Officer that has been acknowledged on Australian soil. The Security Officer was stabbed in the neck with a knife, on Collins Street in Melbourne, in broad daylight. This Security Officer was lucky to escape with his life. 
A recent attack in Perth saw a Security Officer kicked directly to the head at a Music Festival, in a directed and callous act. Again the Security Officer was lucky to escape with his life but he was significantly injured. Having been stabbed myself and Assaulted many times at work, I know that Security Officers suffer Depression and Post Traumatic Stress from such incidents. I personally have lost friends within this industry to this. 

In regard to how this could be written into law, we believe a new section of the Criminal Code could easily be written and a media campaign easily organised as has been witnessed with Paramedics and Flight Attendants. We would like to see something very similar to this introduced immediately in response to this incident, as enough is enough. We do not wish to see a fatality occur and legislation such as this would make any attack on Security workers more fair.

318. 1 (h) 
Any person who, unlawfully assaults a Licensed Security Officer, Licensed by the Western Australian Police Security Licensing Division is guilty of a crime, and is liable to imprisonment for 10 years. 

Thank you for your time and assistance in this matter. 


Security Officers of Western Australia"