We Want Diverse Political Representation at the ABC

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Yet another controversy, this time coming from Tom Ballard's show Tonightly, which attacked Australian Conservatives candidate for the Batman by-election, Kevin Bailey, by calling him a "c***".

Enough is enough.

We the public demand greater political diversity and representation from our publicly funded broadcaster, the ABC.

The premise is simply; if you wish to have a political bias, to act as a political agent, then you should have the decency to become a commercial station in order to do so. It is unethical, unprofessional, and morally reprehensible that you would continue to alienate and demonise a large section of this society, whose taxes contribute to your funding, simply because they subscribe to a different political perspective than those typically expressed at the ABC.

We don't want anyone sacked (as Cory Bernardi has suggested). What we are calling for is that the ABC fund and promote a centre-right show to provide a counter-narrative to the Tonightly.

We have politically engaged, tertiary educated candidates interested in entering the entertainment industry, ready to contribute to the broader political debate, who would love to work with and for the ABC.

We would like to arrange a meeting to discuss how these people could contribute in a mutually beneficial way to your organisation; to dispel any criticisms of media bias, to better engage the broader Australian community, and to challenge the commercial market who have so far capitalised on this audience base.

In the famous words of Gough Whitlam; it's time.