Don't cut The Checkout from the ABC!

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"The Checkout is consumer affairs TV for the 21st century offering a revolutionary new wonder diet of information and entertainment that's clinically proven and 26% fat free.

The Checkout tackles the issues that face all of us when we open our wallets - identifying ways consumers are being taken advantage of, manipulated and ripped off… even if there’s nothing illegal about it".

Many of us have used the valuable information presented on this programme to ensure we are not being ripped off or taken advantage of by companies. Personally, I have saved a great deal of money because of The Checkout. This programme keeps companies honest and educates many about their consumer rights.

We the undersigned would like this programme to stay on air where it belongs. It may be considered "costly" but the savings to us as consumers, and the invaluable information presented and the fact that companies are held accountable is something that you just can't put a price tag on. Please put this programme back into production. We look forward to seeing the next series of The Checkout!