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Welcome to the ignorant world of Australia, where racism seems to be more and more of a norm/expectation. This time it comes from a white middle aged media personality named Red Symons, who is an outdated comedian from a 1980s/90s Australian comedy variety show HEY HEY, IT'S SATURDAY. He was mostly a distasteful comedian/media personality and most recently has decided that going all RACIST against Asians is all ok. 

He is now a radio presenter on Australia's ABC Melbourne Breakfast radio and on a recent episode interviewed Taiwanese Canadian Beverly Wang, who is also joining the ABC network with her own podcast called It's Not A Race. Symons who was interviewing her started off by asking whether Wang was "yellow" and then: 

"What's the deal with Asians?"

It seems so uncalled for and it took Wang by surprise. Symons continued to say that he was not happy over her show as he had a similar idea on "contemporary race issues in Australia".... here is what he said:

"Except my segment was called 'What's the deal with Asians?'," 

Wang continued to rightfully jab Symons and said:

"Well, let's tackle that,"

"What is the deal with Asians, Red?"

Red said that he was the interviewer and was the one asking the questions... I know what a dickhead.

"It's just a useful general question about the nature of our culture, and how one should, can, might interact with people who might have a different cultural background.

"First question is, are they all the same?"

You would think it would have all ended there, well no, it just got worse and much more racist, with red asking Wang that if she was "yellow" where abouts in China is she from and whether they spoke "Mandarin or Cantonese".... *cringe with anger rights now*....

Wang asks Symons "who's they"... and mentioned how she is Canadian where English and French are spoken... well that didn't stop the racist Symonds who continues:

"I knew that. But you're probably from the west coast of Canada..." 

"Because it's closer to Asia."

The other bad thing is Symons kept getting Wang's first name wrong and kept calling her "Jenny" rather than Beverly... and in addition Symons went on to defend an infamous #blackface segment on HEY HEY, IT'S SATURDAY... so it is clear that this fuckwit has no clue about what is racism - he is a white guy what do we really expect?

Wang did share the full interview online on ABC, but it was quickly removed, with ABC radio going on damage control and issuing this statement:

"A review of the editorial processes around this content and its use is in progress," 

"ABC Radio apologises for the content going to air."

"the whole thing is under review".

Whether Symons will be fired is still unclear. The ASIAN AUSTRALIAN ALLIANCE demands that ABC Radio fires him. This is seriously not on, and as a Government funded network, the ABC needs to be careful of putting ignoramuses like Symons on air and give him so much airtime.Michelle Guthrie, please action this.

If you believe that the ABC should fire Symons, please sign this petition, and we will personally deliver hard copies of this petition to the ABC. As Asian Australians and all rational and honorable Australians - we need to take a stand against racists and racism in public. Let's not put up with this anymore.


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