Continue Bus Service to Naumann Students Living in Cypress Bend Neighborhood

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We are requesting LISD continue bus service for the Cypress Bend subdivision.

Rezoning of the Cypress Bend neighborhood to a non-hazardous route is negligent.  Bus 387 transports the largest number of students to and from Naumann. Cypress Creek Road is one of the busiest streets in the area. It is a 4 lane road (5 including the turn lane) with a speed limit of 45mph!

Asking children aged 5-12 to cross Cypress Creek Blvd between the hours of 7-7:45 and 2:50-3:30 and walk 1.9 miles to and from school with the large number of inexperienced drivers in that area is extremely dangerous.  Keep in mind that for a portion of the year, the morning walk would be in the dark.  Even more concerning is that our children will potentially reach the crosswalk during High School dismissal and during the times of heaviest traffic of inexperienced drivers.  

The board solution of adding crossing guards is not reasonable as Naumann struggles to adequately staff the few positions at the school campus much less additional staff for this route and for subs.  In addition, crossing guards can only safeguard one portion of a lengthy route that requires walking along Cypress Creek Blvd from El Salido to Sunchase, or down Sunchase from Autumn Fire to the intersection at Cypress Creek.

Do not put our kids at risk to save a few dollars and convince yourself this is a safe decision. Consider what is best for our children and reinstate the bus service.