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Discontinue Medical Marijuana Raids in the Santa Barbara Area

Medical marijuana was introduced in China in the year 2737 BC and was hailed as an extraordinarily useful medical resource for many years up to the 1900s, but was outlawed in the 1920's because the paper and cotton industry were threatened by the success of the hemp industry, not because it was actually dangerous. Medical marijuana use has been reintroduced by certain state governments but the federal government has continuously conducted raids nationwide to combat the use of medical marijuana, even though it supplies huge numbers of people suffering from health complications like cancer, HIV, diabetes, as well as those struggling with certain mental health issues like bipolar, depression, anxiety, and ADHD. Why are we fighting a plant with such impressive medicinal value that it has been used for thousands of years? There is so much benefit to using medical marijuana, and many ways to consume it that do no damage to the lungs, such as in tinctures and edibles. The DEA and local police department of Santa Barbara, CA, have shut down five dispensaries in Santa Barbara and issued warning statements to those that were not subject to raids. This will leave hundreds if not thousands within the city limit without a legal way of obtaining their medication, which may lead to future prosecution of said patients, which will further crowd our over-booked jails with people who do not deserve to be there. If we stand by and let this happen, we are disregarding those who legitimately use cannabis as medicine who have turned to marijuana as an alternative to damaging, addictive prescription drugs.

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