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Terence Doyle started this petition to Michel Bernard Barnier

To Our European Friends 

Enough is enough. 

We stood by while a minority of Britons were sold a pack of lies by overspending criminals during a flimsy campaign to produce a tiny majority in an ill-thought out binary referendum

We stood by while a self-serving government turned that questionable result in an advisory referendum into a legally binding decision. 

We stood by while a government composed of tax avoiding hedge fund supporters and mis-educated buffoons turned that tiny majority for some form of Leave into a cast iron Hard Brexit. 

We stood by for 2 and a half years while the same cast of blind and deaf MPs have ignored the thoughts of the actual majority of the country and 

We stood by while a stream of lazy government foot soldiers muddled though so called negotiations, insulting our European friends as “queue jumpers” and “citizens of nowhere”, unleashing a level of vitriolic racist hate unparalleled in this country, spread terror among the populace, stirred up parents against children, friends and neighbours against each other, panic in the financial markets, suicide, divorces, mental breakdowns, you name it.

We stood by while the official government opposition played games with our lives in the hope of getting into Number 10, the main game ruining our lives now in the hope of running them at some time in the future. 

But enough is enough. We won’t take it anymore. 

With under 2 months left to before the Conservation band of fools throw the country over a cliff or under a bus, as people and businesses flee to the Continent to escape their madness, we who Remain in the country -  The True Remainers - we will no longer stand by idly. 

We will start now by screaming even more loudly at this blinkered government that "We are not with you." You are not representing the vaunted “will of the people”. You are serving merely your own bigoted party members and you know it and how you sleep at night we will never know. 

If you continue, we will never forgive you. Never. You will never be safe from our ire. 

But we will now work hard to ensure that you can not continue and we here plead with our European friends to support us in this enterprise. 

Please do not offer this misguided woman who dares to call herself our representative any tweaks that she will merely exploit to drive through her faulty policies which will go further to tear this country apart. 

Europe has worked hard to draft a fair withdrawal agreement and you have behaved impeccably even when faced with ignorant government soldiers representing the UK's ridiculous red lines. Thank you for that. 

But please don’t do anything further now to help this hapless government turn that self-harming agreement into reality. 

We who remain in Britain - The True Remainers - we do not want to allow parliamentary knavery to ruin our lives.  

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