Lengthen the EU transition period for the sake of All UK residents and businesses

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It has become perfectly obvious pandemic or no pandemic that our UK government are pursuing a Brexit path that absolutely no one voted for in our referendum.  They have refused to use our EU membership in anyway that would have helped us cooperatively during this pandemic for example.  Just as they refused money to help child poverty, or flooding, it appears they want no possibility of EU being seen as a good thing

They refuse to negotiate properly with the EU negotiating team and make everything a red line they will not cross. Fishing for example is a minute part of economy but we want to make that a redline. We know it cannot be negotiated in a short time and we know they are in no hurry either to do so and we only have until 30th June 2020 to ask for an extension.. They will not request an extension to transition period either and have stated so many times.  

In light of all of this we the public of UK who are also EU citizens wish to let it be known that we would like an extension to transition period because we fear very much for our futures with the way the government is behaving towards negotiations and as it stands it will make our lives utterly miserable with few protections for any one, our environment, and especially our economy, poverty will be rife if they continue with their sheer stupidity and stubbornness to get a brexit which they told us was never an option.

I appreciate that this is not a normal request but we are now looking shortly at forced severe economic distress and all that that would bring to us personally, in communities, socially and structurally. It will be a nation of those who have billions in tax havens and those who are scratching an existence.

We cannot march on the streets during pandemic but in our hearts we are crying out for our EU family to support us and even rescue us. I could quite see a willing exodus from UK as refugees ourselves as our future hope if this Brexit negotiation continues as it has been, we have no confidence in those in power in UK to see some sense and delay longterm to negotiate fully and reasonably . We will fall off our world as we know it.  I hope that the people of UK will see this petition as it simply is for the better of all of us and support it by signing