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Cut the Pay Cut

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The government concluded that as of the 1st of July that they would be cutting penalty rates on public holiday rates.

 For the entire duration of Australian history there has always been disputes in regards to pay. However out of all these negative issues there was one that was quite fair, penalty rates. The new law that was recently passed now contradicts this.

 This law targets almost every Fast-food, retail pharmaceutical and Hospitality worker in Australia. And you should be against these pay cuts.

 In 1947 Penalty rates were established after unions argued that people who worked outside of normal hours would need extra money from the weekends and public holidays it was designed to help all blue-collar workers with their pay and to give rewards to those who miss out on church, public holidays and more. Rewarding those who miss out on important family events and important life moments. Many families in Australia have relied and still do rely on these Penalty Rates and cutting the penalty rates would significantly hurt poorer working Australians and working Youth. Cutting $6000 from a persons annual wage means great strain on resources and great struggle.

The penalty rates include:

175% to 150% for Hospitality, 200% to 150% for Retail, 150% to 125% for Fast-food and 200% to 150% for pharmaceutical. Affecting approximately 400,000 workers would be affected by this cut, having their valuable wages cut. All in all, more than a million workers will face a pay cut of more than 20% or $6000.

This with an increasing higher price of rent and home buying would naturally lead to more homelessness and poverty in Australia. Workers rely on these penalty rates and cutting these rates would greatly damage the average worker.

 If you're arguing for the Pay Cuts to help small businesses you must know this: the majority of Australian economists agree on the idea that cutting the Penalty Rates leads to a greater division between the rich and the poor of Australia. Having a more divided Australia is not something we need in this current climate of asylum seekers and refugees.

 Remember: this law was not put in place to help the small business owner. It was put in place to help and expand the current profits of big businesses such as McDonalds, Myer, H&M, Hungry Jacks and more.

 This Pay cut does not help the small man it helps the big man and the big man only. This cut has not been put in place to advance Australia, only to regress and steal money.

 We IMPLORE the Australian Minster of Employment, Michaelia Cash to halt this proposal and to end this blatant injustice. Sign and share this petition to show your disgust at this unjust proposal.

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