Jersey City Parking Laws Need Change ASAP

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As we all know our wonderful city of Jersey City is growning by the day. The problem is that us residents are being treated unfairly. With more residents moving in, our city's parking situation is becoming a big problem. Basically if a resident does not have a driveway they are subject to being robbed blind by our city. The city has eliminated useful parking spaces by designating those spots as "No Parking Anytime" zones, blocking parking spaces near certain corners, and even taking up spaces with Citibike racks. This is all besides daily construction going on and driveways already in place. On top of that our city's "Parking Authority" has pretty much become a cash cow for the city with ridiculous fines at all hours of the day or night. Parking Authority is ticketing residents in good parking spaces designated "No Parking Anytime" at 5:30am. Some residents look for parking in their own neighborhoods for sometimes up to an hour. I, plus thousands of other city residents are fed up. Parking cannot only be for residents who own homes. Give us back our parking, and limit Parking Authority to ticketing meters, hydrants, driveways, and double parked cars. I'm sure our great council members have great parking spots at work and at home. If the city wants to make money, stop giving multi-millionaires tax abatements. We have residents, teachers, and first responders who were born and raised here that either can't afford, or can barely afford here as it is. Give us a break.


1) Limit Parking Authority from giving residents tickets before 9am

2) Disband Parking Authority

3) Limit New Drive Ways

4) Let residents park near crosswalks, not on the crosswalk but within reasonable distance.

5) Paint lines so that no one could take up more than one space.

6) Eliminate most of those "No Parking Anytime" zones, or restrict the enforcement after 9am.

7) Lower the prices on these fines. For some people this is an entire days pay. This is only affecting the middle and lower income residents.

8) Shorten Bus Stops, do not overlap bus stops over residential driveways. Do not ticket at bus stops between certain hours.


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