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Vote for no confidence of all uk politicians. Allow the MILITARY to safeguard our country

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All current political parties have been deemed ineffective and in some instances corrupt. Our country is under attack and our people are being killed. In many cases the identities of these attackers have been known for some time, yet no action has been taken to remove the threat.

Failure to charge known attackers and people closely involved is not acceptable.

We the people demand that the UK military now takes control of our country and safeguarding our people. As the politicians have proven that they cannot do this job.

In the past, these politicians would be charged with treason for lack of conviction and duty to the people and the position in which they hold that they have neglected and abused.

The field marshal holds the highest rank and would effectively be our new prime minister whilst still retaining his military position.

A new party will be formed using selected military personnel.

New laws will be put into place to seek out and remove the threat of would be terrorists and those that wish to harm the people of Britain.

Lighting a candle, carrying on and thoughts and prayers. Simply does not protect the good people of Britain from the ever growing threats.

Our government has failed our country many times over and over (no matter which party), we now NEED an effective governing military presence to combat these extreme times in which we are now living.

Armed forces will have the power to seek, raid and deport any known possible threats.

Armed forces will be deployed in high risk areas within British suburbs.

Religious temples that are suspected to encourage harmful activities will be military monitored or closed down.

Powers of detainment and/ or deportment will be given for those showing aggressive behaviour.

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