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Boycott EVERYTHING Michael Vick!

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Michael Vick has over 2 million fans on his Facebook page. He has a clothing line, biography, and is the quarterback of the Eagles. In 2010 he even had a reality show called "The Michael Vick Project." After his dog fighting ring was exposed he was charged a $5,000 dollar fine and was sentenced to 23 months in prison. $5,000 to this wealthy man was nothing, and after leaving prison he returned to his normal life in the NFL. He is still famous, rich, and making a profit off of his story. It is disgusting that people can overlook his cruelty to so many animals just because they think he is a good quarterback. People seem to have been desensitized from the harm that he did. Anyone who supports this man or even likes his Facebook page should be ashamed that they have publicly condoned his actions. The NFL should have made an example out of him by not allowing him back onto a team, but instead they have shown the world that cruelty to animals is not bad enough of a crime to be punished for. So many helpless dogs, who could not speak for themselves, have suffered at his hands. Many of them did not have a second chance, so why should he? Forgiveness is one thing, but this man should live a normal life with a normal job, he should not have the support of this many fans. If he could lose the support of even just a few people, we would be a step closer to getting him off of the NFL and preventing him from making a profit off of his story. Eagles fan or not, no one should root for such an evil man. 

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