Demand Lower UC Tuition & Fees Due to COVID-19

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On average, annual tuition & fees for any of the given University of California schools (excluding UCSF) is about $14,200. However, the aforementioned price does not include housing for those who live on-campus, nor does it include fees such as transportation, textbooks, and other costs. Students who live on campus pay up to as much as $34,000 annually to attend the University of California, and that number only applies to in-state students, as out-of-state tuition is about double the price.

As of now, UC has decided that tuition and housing fees will go unchanged, regardless of whether or not students will be physically on campus in the fall. It is unethical for UC to charge students housing fees if the entirety of the Fall 2020 quarter (or semester, for Berkeley and Merced) will be remote. Also, it is unfair to force students to be placed in single and double-occupancy dorms that are more expensive, when many chose triple-occupancy rooms due to lower costs. Students will be forced to pay thousands of dollars for a room that they did not choose, cannot afford, and cannot be physically present in. 

UC should not charge students for services that will not be in use for an unknown amount of time, and we are demanding that tuition prices be lowered until we are able to enjoy fully functional campuses.