Enforce Custody interference and parental kidnapping laws!

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Interference with child custody and parental kidnapping are two of the most frightening actions a hostile parent can take upon their own children. There is no doubt this is child abuse and a child protection issue. Luckily, there are some pretty good laws on the books to help prevent such actions. However, these laws are seldom enforced. For instance Code of Criminal Procedures state Ch. 63.0016 “Attempted child abduction does not include a relative”. Less than 2% of kidnappings are due to strangers while 98% are relative abductions and 41% of all trafficked teens are recruited by family members with 71% of those being teen girls. However, the Police and District Attorneys refuse to investigate. Ch. 63.0041 “law enforcement SHALL as soon as practicable file a report no later than eight hours after receiving a report”. Yet police will not take a missing person report without a warrant from the District Attorney, which takes months. Even visitation interference seldom gets enforced as District Attorneys refuse to hear these cases.

The marriage rate has dropped 40% over the last 30 years in part, due to children of divorce not wanting the nightmare of a high conflict divorce that the police, district attorneys, and judges can easily save by enforcing a few laws already on the books. These numbers should scare all members of society.

Please sign this petition and let law enforcement and district attorneys and legislators know we care what happens to our children.