Reform of Security Guard Licensing in Ontario

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The Ontario Security Industry Is In Crisis

The current Security Guard training curriculum and online ability to train is not producing the required talent pool that is expected and deserving of Ontario citizens. In today’s ever-changing world it is our firm belief that individual security guard licensing should be divided into three (3) distinct categories.

(1)  Facility & Concierge
(2)  Asset Protection & Loss Prevention
(3)  Public Safety & Licensed Premises
We firmly believe the licensing of said guards should include classroom and practical tuition tailormade and specific to each category, in its current format the ability to obtain a security license with 40 hours online training is nothing more than a money generator for private enterprise, much to the detriment of the general public.
International best practice specifically in Europe and the United Kingdom has similar licensing categories as the three (3) proposed above and classroom tuition/testing in place, as a result of improved training standards and Continued Professional Development (CPD) Guards pay rates are higher, company insurance premiums are lowered, event planners and their clientele get a best fit security solution, guards are allocated appropriately based on requirements and public events are held with confidence.