Approve Life Changing NDIS Support For Ruby NOW!

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Ruby is a 12 year old girl living in the outer Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Ruby is in Year 6 at a local primary school. Ruby is clever, kind, funny and strong  - she also has a rare form of Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease. It is an incurable degenerative nerve disease that causes motor and sensory nerves to become irreversibly damaged leading to muscle weakness and wastage. 

Ruby is wheelchair bound and her family, particularly her Mum, are her carers. Daily life is hard work all round. Both of Ruby's parents work outside the home as well as taking care of Ruby's extensive needs. Adding to the stress of juggling this busy life is the struggle the family are having getting NDIS initiatives pushed through to fruition. Ruby's parents have fought long and hard against red tape and bureaucracy to get approval for their applications and are yet to prevail.  Only recently, modifications have been made to their car to be able to transport Ruby, however Ruby is surviving in a manual wheelchair and awaiting desperately  needed house modifications. A motorised wheelchair would give Ruby some autonomy and independence. Appropriate house modifications would make attending to Ruby's daily living needs easier and more manageable.

We would like to bring Ruby's plight to the foreground, particularly our local member Michael Sukkar and other relevant government figures and get her NDIS requests approved ASAP.