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Help Us Make Better Films - Environment and Support

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We are creative people, but the environment and the support that we are achieving within the Bond Film and TV program isn't at the level it should be. We are stuck here struggling to fundraise for our graduation films, while business students receive 3,000 dollars every semester for conceptualising and pitching a new product. 

Why have we been put in the shit house? 

Go to any other university, Griffith, UQ, QUT, and more, and they all have some creative space for students to work in. Colourful walls, nice frames for posters, plants. Not white walls, with white lights and cheap plastic frames. Our teachers, and the overall body of Bond University don't recognise the talent that can be squeezed out of all of us - and therefore aren't ready to give us the time. 

I am bored as soon as I walk into the "Film and Television Teaching Rooms." And honestly most of us find any reason to not be in there. Why is it so terrible? You would think that filmmakers would respect a decent working environment and the creation of art. But it's clear - that the film students of Bond University haven't been given the light of day.

We pay 100,000 dollars for our degree, each. Regardless of if students are on a scholarship or not, our working environment should not be lower than universities that only require around 35,000 for a full degree. The reason each intake since semester 162 has been smaller and smaller is because honestly the Bond system does not cope with leading film schools. We don't even compare well to the rest of Bond -  the architecture building is amazing, the new transformer building fantastic. They get a creative space, why don't we?

We have the money to make it better, why aren't we? 

This petition has been written to help us as students, have a better environment to work in. Something the students can be proud of, love, and use to it's full ability. This is going to be running as a three step process, but as most people know baby steps is the best way to start. Let's make a change to our working environment first, and then a bigger change to the support around our films.  

Sign up, help yourself. 

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