Save the trees of Dee Why before it's too late !

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email Michael Regan, Mayor of Northern Beaches Council ( to save the trees of Howard and Oaks Avenue.

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The citizens and friends of Dee Why are profoundly disappointed that the Council has determined to remove the mature brush boxes and other native trees from the Oaks, Howard and surrounding avenues. After at least sixty years of growth the trees have an extensive canopy providing shade, privacy and a wonderful wildlife corridor.

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It is important that these remaining plantings are retained to ensure that the historical character of the avenues is not completely lost. Residents will lose privacy and this is likely to reduce community connectedness and have an impact on real estate values.

The implications for native animals – the possums, owls, sugar gliders and fruit bats are disastrous – not to mention the impact on nectar feeding birds and bees.

While we welcome streetscape improvements we are determined to retain the special nature of this urban habitat. Unless there is a change of heart, the integrity of Dee Why town will be severely diminished.

The citizens and friends of Dee Why welcome any community support that you can offer, both as organisations and as individuals. We believe that Michel Regan (Major of Northern Beaches Council (725, Pittwater Road, Dee Why, NSW 2099) should be informed of the importance of these native trees as a wildlife corridor and public amenity, both directly and through your local federal MP, and urged to reverse the decision.

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