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Make the selling of ticket spinners illegal

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It's 2017. Online purchases are basically the norm anymore, but there is one major problem that has come out of it: ticket spinners. Ticket spinners are computer programs specifically designed to buy any product from an online supplier on it's own, requiring no human help other than setting it up. These are used most commonly for concert tickets, but are also used for clothing, and surprisingly movies. The goal is to buy as many tickets as possible, then resell them for an insanely high price. This entire process is completely illegal and should be a major crime, except for one small detail. Although using a ticket spinner for any purchase or even just owning one is highly illegal, there is no law against selling the actual spinner itself. And as soon as someone buys one of these spinners, they certainly wouldn't be stupid enough to let people find them easily, and hiding yourself online isn't all that hard anymore with things like IP randomizers and VPN's. So although making the selling of ticket spinners illegal wouldn't help much with the ones already out there, it would stop an ever growing illegal online market that's only screwing over the artists who are having concerts or selling merchandise. I personally tried to buy a $40 ticket to a Run the Jewels show earlier this year, and the cheapest resell ticket I could find (seeing as the other ones sold out in mere minutes I didn't have a choice) were $140, and went all the up to $1167! For general admission! And the only money the artist would've made off that purchase would have been $40, while the rest went in some random jack-offs pocket! As someone who's grown up around music all my life and a musican myself, that disgusts me. Now I really have no idea if this will do anything or not, but I really want to try. Not just for myself but for anybody who's ever waited at their computer all night just to go see their favourite band, only to watch as the tickets vanished before their eyes, and were put up somewhere else for more than three times the price. Or for anyone who's ever wanted the new Jordan's and can't get them because a computer program bought every pair that came out of the factory 30 seconds after their release and then sent them off to the highest bidder. IF YOU SIGN THIS PLEASE SHARE IT TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO SHARE IT TELL THEIR FRIENDS TO SHARE IT SEND IT TO SOMEONE YOU DONT KNOW POST IT ON YOUR FAVOURITE BAND OR RAPPER'S FAN PAGE E-MAIL IT TO YOUR GRANDPA AND THEN HELP HIM FIGURE OUT WHAT THE HELL A GOOGLE IS! If you read all this please leave any suggestions you want to add/change, tell me if you think it's great, tell me if you think I'm an idiot and I should keep dreaming. My name is Roy McDowell, and if you sign this, you might just get to go see a concert again.

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