Expel VCU Delta Chi

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Delta Chi has a horrible reputation at VCU for sexual assault, and now a freshman "brother" has died on their watch. (https://vpm.org/news/articles/20711/vcu-student-death-prompts-investigation-orders-frat-closed As a result of hazing, a young student hoping to make friends has lost his life that had hardly begun. These traumas and lives lost are all at the hands of students, and blood is also on the hands of VCU and the Panhellenic council members who allow their privileges to be reinstated. Being an independent college student is a privilege, not a right, that these students do not deserve. Delta Chi has a reputation for cornering and ganging up on girls at parties, and all trouble they have caused has been “fixed” with a slap on the wrist.That slap on the wrist is a slap in the face to both survivors and surviving family members. 

We are calling for the permanent expulsion of Delta Chi Fraternity at VCU, as well as the expulsion of the students involved from the University. It has been proven these members are a danger to society, and the campus of VCU will not be safe in their presence. 

We are also calling for a legitimate, intense criminal investigation from VCU and Richmond PD. Manslaughter was committed by the negligence of Delta Chi members and the investigation should be treated as nothing less. VCU will do all it can to protect its students, but this incident as well as others swept under the rug, will not be forgotten.