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Michael Pollan, Lead the Food Movement to Corn Price Floors

Michael Pollan has told me that he understands that the farm and food crises identified in food films and food books are not caused by commodity subsidies, but rather are caused by a lack of price floors, supply management, reserves, and price ceilings.  And yet everywhere I've seen him on video, (ie. in the food films, on Bill Moyers Journal, and all over YouTube,) he suggests that the major (US Farm Bill, Commodity Title) policy cause and solution involves only commodity subsidies (ie. he repeatedly says nothing about the other policies which I've listed above). We see then that the food movement's advocacy on these matters for the 2007-8 farm bill was overwhelmingly, (and surely unknowingly,) for policies that preserve the multibillion dollar (multibillions annually for Cargill and ADM) price gains that, in fact, serve as the major policy cause of the problems.  I'm asking for Pollan, from his bully pulpit, to sound the call for reversing course, and leading the charge in the direction of victory.

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    Michael Pollan

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