Keep softer lighting in Victorian-style fixtures - Madison, NJ

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As you may have noticed, The Madison Electric Department has begun to convert our street lights from high-pressure sodium to LED.  While these types of bulbs are more efficient, they have chosen a bulb type that emits light with a much different level of brightness, tone, and color temperature.  In other words, the warm tone that we're used to for our Victorian-style street lamps with soon all be replaced with LED lighting that is distractingly bright.  The first example of these new bulbs are on display every night on the corner of Baumgartner & Morris Place.  While The Madison Electric Department did install a shield on the house-facing side of this particular fixture, it has not changed the general disruptive nature of the light.

Research has shown that this type of LED lighting is harmful to the human eye and our sleep cycles -- you can read more about it here.

We are asking for your support to urge The Madison Electric Department to consider other options for bulbs in the street lights in the Baumgartner/Wisteria/Morris Place neighborhood with an acceptable level of brightness, tone, and color temperature.

Without your help, this LED lighting will become the new normal and we will all soon be subjected to street lights that will shine brightly into our living rooms and bedrooms throughout our neighborhood.