Make our streets safer and more active - all central Sevenoaks 20mph zone

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Success - we have reached 1,000 supporters!

Thank you to everyone who has so far supported our petition to make the streets safer, cleaner and healthier for all with a 20 mph speed limit across central Sevenoaks. The covid-19 pandemic slowed our progress a little, reducing our ability to speak to people in person and allow them to demonstrate their support that way. However, despite this we are delighted to announce that together with the paper version of this petition we have reached well over 1000 signatures! We have notified Kent County Council and we will be presenting to the Sevenoaks Joint Transportation Board (JTB) in June. Margaret Crabtree, our member for KCC (representing Sevenoaks Town), has also declared her support for the scheme.

Until then, the petition remains open and everyone is still welcome to express their support, so please do sign and forward it to anyone who hasn’t.

Thank you once again for your support

James Ball
1 month ago