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Let's get a guardrail put up on Sunrise Blvd to help save lives!

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On December 13th, our cousin was in a car accident on Sunrise Blvd due to the bad road conditions. Unfortunately, this accident took the lives of her 2 beautiful children, 3 year old Teagin, and 5 month old Haley. Her accident was the most recent of many accidents on that road in that same area. Please read to the end to read Tanya's own story. Others have also ended in fatalities and severe injuries that change people's lives forever. There has to be a guardrail put in on the corner where Tanya's accident happened. Last year, a man was in an accident on that same corner and hit a tree. They only thing that was done was they took out the tree he hit. There are many other trees in that area, like the one that Tanya hit. It is also a steep slope so even if just the speed limit is lowered, and a car was going slower and hit ice, they still could have slipped off the road and went way into the ditch where it would be hard for people driving by to see them to help. If the speed limit is lowered AND a guardrail is put in, it would stop people from sliding off the road. Sunrise Blvd does not get much sun so even when the roads are not icy, the moss on the road makes it slippery and dangerous. Firefighters have even asked for a guardrail to be put up where Tanya's accident was before it happened. I feel like they know the best if a guardrail would help save lives or if it would be more dangerous because they have seen these accidents. If the county/city would have listened to them then, it could have spared at least 2 lives. Please sign our petition to get a guardrail put up on Sunrise Blvd so no other family has to go through losing their loved ones and all the pain and suffering. Thank you! Tanya's story "On December 13th, on my way to take my girls to the safety of their day care, my life changed forever! Doing the speed limit of Sun Rises Blvd, I slid off the road hitting a tree at that speed. The van hit the treet right in front of me, crushing my legs. I Frantically started to search for my cell phone and getting my legs unstuck, when a small fire started up by the engine. My girls seamed fine they were not crying just looking at me. I realize now that Jesus was there helping them to heaven. At the moment the only thing I could focus on was getting them out. I regretfully failed. A few gentleman saw the fire and rushed to help me. They had to make me focus on myself (when all I wanted was to get my girls out) as I was already on fire. The men saved my life that day. I know I was not suppose to survive! I was rushed to Harborview where I spent the next 3 weeks. I layed there for 4 days on the verge of death. 22 broken bones 10% of my body skin grafted. The worst part of all... my husband my family and I have to spend the rest of our lives with out my perfect daughters. They brought so much joy to everyone's lives! I beg for the city to put up a guardrail so no one EVER has to go through this on Sunday Rise Blvd!"

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