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CGM for Type 1 Diabetes

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I am the mother of a daughter who in the last 2 years was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. I am also a registered nurse of 30 + years and understand the implications and cost to the health system for poorly controlled diabetes. Being a midwife I know the implications of poorly controlled diabetes and the risk to the unborn infant including defects and stillbirth. 


I am a driver on the roads and understand the importance of diabetes on insulin being pre-warned of impending hypoglyceamia early and this risk to life. I work in Chronic disease management and understand the cost of poor control to the health system including CKD, heart disease, retinopathy and vascular damage of lower limbs. I have worked in aged care, home and disability and see the results of those in our community with mismanaged diabetes.

I am a strong advocate of prevention rather then cure. The cost of ongoing monitoring and self management and being a contributor in the workforce rather then a victim of disease and the ongoing burden of poor disease control. For a young adult the cost over return is not something tangible and poses the risk of them reverting back to a poorly managed and poorly controlled condition. The safety on the roads is immeasurable, as the hypo fore warning will have stopped an accident from even occurring.

I thank the Australian government for the support of CGM to children with Type one diabetes. I this petition I need to highlight that my daughter is a young adult and risk does not stop suddenly at age 21. Coming into childbearing years , this poses a risk to herself, and any future pregnancy, a risk on the road, and a liability to the future healthcare burden of uncontrolled diabetes.

When CGM represents freedom, control and community safety and the benefit of prevention vs health burden and costs related to both. I would like people to petition for change the CGM ceasing at age 21 and benefit over cost may then be considered by specialist application if CGM has meant the difference between being an active community member or health burden.

As below the Australian governments policy......with my timely email to tell me my daughter is no longer eligible at age 21.

The Government’s continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) initiative is available to eligible children and young people under the age of 21 years. If you have any questions, please call our Helpline on 1300 136 588 or visit our website

Yours sincerely,
Susan Davidson
General Manager, NDSS

Looking forward to your feedback

Anne Whealing RN, CM.


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