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Many victims of domestic violence are afraid of calling the police, or know that nothing will come of it even if they do. Many people who have experienced intimate partner violence have felt as though police are blaming and ridiculing them for the violence committed against them.

Many police officers come into a DV situation knowing that they are more likely to be injured in a domestic violence call than any other type of call. Many officers answer domestic violence calls with anecdotal knowledge that the victim won’t leave the abuser after the first few incidents. Most officers answer domestic violence calls with inadequate training on handling intimate partner violence. All of these issues cause victims to endure mass amounts of scrutiny, stress and trauma.


National Domestic Violence Hotline Facts:

1 in 5 victims feel safer after contacting police.

1 in 3 victims feel LESS safe after contacting police.

1 in 2 victims feel that there is not a difference after contacting police.


The sad truth is that nearly half of domestic violence victims feel that contacting the police had no effect on their situation while 1 in 3 felt less safe.  The fact is that police are not specialized enough to handle such sensitive matters.  Taking steps toward ensuring a victim’s safety should be granted to highly-trained professionals who work with these victims on a day-to-day basis.

A most basic step toward protecting the victim is obtaining an Order of Protection against his or her assailant.  In order to even obtain an order of protection, victims of domestic violence must tell their stories in the court system while knowing that this system may not be able to able to protect them.  Recounting a traumatic story that has been told time and time again costs precious time and unnecessary stress on already fragile victim.

Why survivors do not report?

80% afraid police would not believe them or would do nothing.

51% afraid calling the police would make things worse, the offender would only get a slap on the wrist or calling the police would have negative consequences for them.

28% afraid the police would be violent or would threaten to arrest or actually arrest them.

22% were concerned that the police would be rude to the offender or that calling the police would have negative consequences for his life.

Between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016, 49 people in Illinois were killed in domestic violence related incidents because enough was not done.  As citizens of this state, we cannot simply sit back and let domestic violence victims continue to get caught up in bureaucratic red tape.  Sign this petition to ease the access to safety for domestic violence victims by allowing domestic violence professionals to issue Orders of Protection. 





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