Celebrate 6th August as Mass Student Activism Day

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Mass student movements are suppressed by dictatorial and authoritarian governments. And often such revolutions have succeeded.
Such a movement began in Bangladesh on 29th of July 2018.
On 6th August The Government Of Bangladesh unleashed a horde of Policemen armed to the teeth with CR Gas Cannisters and Non-lethal Bullets inside University Campuses all over the Country. 
The clashes injured about a 1000 people, mostly students.
The Government of Bangladesh has shamelessly killed students in previous students and injured many to permanent disability.
All of these clashes are well-documented and can be found in video on the internet.

We wish that the day is recognized because of the bravery of the common Students of Bangladesh and Students all over the world because of the sheer amount of blood spilled on this day. 
This will respect the role of Students in fight against dictators all over the world.