Make Statefarm determine liability in a timely fashion

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I was involved in a collision on 2/17/2018. I have since retrieved the police report and it cited the other driver at fault. 

State Farm has been unsuccessful in speaking with their insured and refuses to make a decision despite having all the evidence to do so.

I have spoken with them almost everyday and they don’t have a non-compliant policy, it is evaluated on a case by case basis and left up to the adjuster’s judgement. Which means if they never speak with the driver, a decision doesn’t ever have to be made. I was told that this could take 6 weeks or 6 years. 

It is frustrating to have clear cut evidence that a wrong has been done, yet insurance companies can escape making amends if nothing compels them to. Currently there is no law to do so.

Please join me and sign this petition to have a policy or law in place that stipulates after 10 days of reasonable attempts have been made, a decision has to be applied. 

This change would allow injured parties to move forward. Until something is done, one has to just never answer the phone or return a call when involved in an accident. Nor does an insurance company have to make amends.