Implement a program promoting Education Equality at Henderson Middle School

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Implement a program promoting Education Equality at Henderson Middle School

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Rebecca Robinson started this petition to Dekalb County Schools Superintendent Michael L. Thurmond

Henderson Middle School is currently serving approximately 1,324 students and appears to be one of the most racially diverse schools in the county with the racial divide at about 34% black, 34% white, 23% Hispanic and 9% Other Races; this is one of the reasons that I moved to this area.  

However we have realized that this image of diversity is just image, because while 34% of the population is white approximately 80% of them are classified as "Gifted" and are segregated amongst themselves.   These numbers are alarming because only 10-20% of black/hispanics have the same designation. 

I have started this petition in hopes of bringing Educational Equality to the Minority Students at Henderson Middle School.

Educational Inequality

Currently at Henderson Middle School all Students receive 990 instructional hours, but "Gifted" Students received 225 hours of in-depth instruction; while the "Non-Gifted" students are pushed from subject to subject only having a shallow understanding.  My daughter was given a worksheet in science, as a means to introduce a new concept, while her "Gifted" counterparts were given a project.  Which Student learned more about that specific subject?

While the Maximum Class size for Gifted students is 27, the non-gifted students only get 1 teacher for 37 students.

So we have established that "Gifted" students have smaller class sizes, receive more in-depth instruction and more comprehensive assignments...could that be why they are "Gifted"?

Nope, they are "Gifted" because they took a test, that could have been administered in 1st grade.  With that being said, I asked the Administrator why was there such a racial divide amongst the students.  I was told that the minority students "just don't test well". 

So my challenge to you Mr. Superintendent, is to:

1. Implement a County wide program that will help our students increase their test scores, so that they are able to compete on a National stage against the best and brightest across the country. Test taking is a skill on its own and is important enough to teach as an elective at the very least.

2. Offer ALL students the opportunity to be AWESOME by:

     A.  Giving them the same in-depth instruction time that the "Gifted"   students are allowed

     B.  Reducing Class sizes across the board, creating an environment that is more conducive for learning while causing less street for both the Teachers and Students.

     C.  Believing in them and encouraging ALL students to Live, Learn, Grow and Thrive (Gifted or Not).

Thank you and We The Parents of Dekalb County Students look forward to your response.

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This petition had 12 supporters