Replace the Board of Stamford, Connecticut's Fairfield Memorial Park

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This petition is asking everyone who owns a plot(s) or is family or benefactor to loved ones at rest at Stamford, Connecticut's Fairfield Memorial Park to sign it as a protest, demanding the immediate removal and replacement of the entire Board.

Fairfield Memorial Park is one of Stamford's longstanding cemeteries. What gives the cemetery its unique character is that it disallows upright tombstones and monuments; only flat markers flush with the ground are allowed, thus living up to the name Fairfield Memorial "Park."

Sadly, the cemetery has not received adequate and acceptable oversight for many years, and because it is set up as a non-profit organization, the only recourse people who own plots or are family or benefactors to loved ones already at rest is to petition the State of Connecticut to replace the members of the voluntary governing Board.

The Stamford Advocate had looked into the many complaints raised against the cemetery in 2012. The reporter, Angela Carella, wrote then, "A white fence behind [graves]... was installed improperly and three panels fell, revealing piles of debris behind the cemetery garage that include dirt, rocks, concrete, pipe, wood, brush, tree trunks, plastic flowers, broken pots, ribbon, discarded Christmas decorations and paper trash." She goes on saying, "Beside the cemetery office an old stockade fence is falling, revealing more of the work yard... Grave markers have openings to hold flower vases, but a large number of vases are missing."

Fast forward six years to today, 2018, and the story does not change. The conditions reported in 2012 and earlier remain and to extents even worse. Moreover, contracts on purchased plots stipulate a "Trust" exists from these sales, promising perpetual maintenance to the cemetery. When just recently asked about the trust, the answer given by a current Board member, "It’s none of your business."

Two other incidents that substantiate replacing the Board go beyond the pale. A woman had purchased a double-depth grave for herself and her husband 40 years ago. The woman died last year and her daughter seeing the current state of the cemetery decided not to bury her mother in Fairfield Memorial Park. Recently inquiring on her mother’s deed, the daughter was told the plot is a “single” grave. Not a very comforting thought to know you were about to bury your mother where she herself arranged to be buried and learn the place is not there. And how about learning the day before your loved one's funeral, a portion of the grave purchased by the deceased decades earlier is presently occupied. What should have been a peaceful farewell to a family member turned into the unfortunate disturbance of other graves needing to be opened and concrete vaults moved to make room for the committal. Adding insult to injury, some vaults are now damaged by the heavy equipment used to move them.

Unfortunately, this story does not end. If you visit Fairfield Memorial Park, you will see among the myriad of issues a broken welcoming statue of the Good Shepherd, very poor unpaved roads to maneuver throughout the cemetery, grave markers completely covered over (the marker in the photo was uncovered by the photographer to show it actually is there buried under dirt), and depressed graves that lie several inches below ground level.

Removing and replacing the Board is a necessary action, so please, everyone who owns a plot(s) or is family or benefactor to loved ones at rest at Stamford, Connecticut's Fairfield Memorial Park, sign this petition, demanding the State of Connecticut immediately remove and replace the cemetery's entire Board.

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