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Michael & Kristiane: We hear you're thinking about moving... Move to DC!

There are many reasons why Michael Whitney and Kristiane should move to DC;

1. We have a lovely fall season
2. Our office is way cooler than Buffalo's, Seattle's, SF's and NYC's.
3. We have every vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, i-eat-only-gelato-atarian, and hardcore-meatatarian restaurant you could possibly imagine... all in one block.
4. Scary bike hills? Not in DC!
5. Outrageous rent and impossible housing searches? Not in DC!
6. There is a huge campaign and email team that likes you here.
7. We have bowling and tricycles.
8. Chop't, Michael Whitney?
9. We'll find you a puppy. And you can bring it to the office.
10. You can work from a couch and not have to Skype in - "WFH"
11. Kristiane's Facebook 'About' section states she already lives here.
12. Because Lady Obama is your neighbor.
13. You're only young once, why not enjoy this wonderful city - for more than 6 months
14. Because this is Summer's first petition... (awe)
15. And lastly - because Tim, Pulin, Jenna and everyone else want to see your bright smiling faces every morning.

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