Help Fornite to not get banned in Australia

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So basically A current affair made a report on how fortnite is violent and addictive well what’s funny is in the report they added fake screams when someone died and they literally said there’s blood and gore yet they show people dying in game but oh wait where’s the blood and gore. Also they had a “video game expert” play fortnite but what’s funny is he’s only spectating in the little clips that are shown when he’s “playing fortnite”. Also some people say there’s nudity there’s no skins or anything in the game that shows nudity. This proves they haven’t played the game themselves and seen what happens. There are people who’ve said there 2 year old kid has tried to kill their “classmates on the school bus” 2 year olds don’t go to school. In short I play fortnite I’m not addicted certainly there are people with addictive personalities that do get addicted to this game but all this nonsense about blood, gore and nudity is false and frankly any parent who says this game is bad should really educate themselves on the real world because the real world isn’t all lollipops and rainbows there bloodshed, war and poverty all over his world but a game where you kill people is worse than actually killing people. So support Fortnite don’t let it get banned please.